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Ending Mission Problems


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there seems to be a problem with completing the misson not ending correctley like it ends and like ur stuck in the map sometimes it moves and sometimes it dosent and u cant leave it bucuase it sayies misson complete plz fix/help


and theres anthore bug with it ending u get a repution box with 3 warframes in it and it says team skill and honor had this pop up about 4 times now

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I have a problem when i complete the asssination missoin war on mars


It kills the internet and i have to reset the computer to rectify the problem


and whats more i dont get the rewards for the missoin or even complete it

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I'm having trouble on the mission on mercury where I'm get close to kill captain vor, it keeps crashing the game. can anyone please help?

If you can try to report it with your EE.log file (report here https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/de not in the forum).


Next time it crashes go to your Warframe folder unter user/local/warframe there you will find the EE.log file attach it to the report an and then DE may be able to help you! 

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