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Shunmaster's Emporium Of Random Goodies

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If you would like to buy any of these you may either PM or /w me. I would recommend a PM though, as I may not be on at the time.


1 Sniper Scavenger (3p)
1 Speed Holster (3p)

1 Steel Charge (5p)

1 Energy Siphon (10p)

1 Loot Detector (25p)


Nightmare Mods:
1 Focus Energy (1p)
2 Stunning Speed (1p each)
1 Accelerated Blast (5p)
1 Constitution (5p)
1 Fortitude (5p)
1 Ice Storm (5p)
1 Lethal Torrent (5p)
2 Shred (5p each)
2 Vigor (5p each)


Prime Sentinel Parts:

1 Wyrm Prime Cerebrum (Sold)


Prime Weapon Parts:
1 Braton Prime Bluprint (3p)
9 Boar Prime Blueprint (3p each)
3 Sicarus Prime Blueprint (3p each)

1 Bo Prime Ornament (5p)

1 Dakra Prime Handle (5p)
2 Akbronco Prime Link (20p each)

Rare Mods:

1 Pistol Ammo Muation (3p)
1 Sniper Ammo Mutation (3p)

3 Fired Up (5p each)
1 Hell's Chamber (10p)


2 Coiling Viper (5p each)

1 Iron Phoenix (5p)
1 Homing Fang (7p)

1 Flailing Branch (15p)
1 Shimmering Blight (15p)

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