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Just My 2 Cents


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Just so people know where im coming from here's a little bit about me. Ive been playing warframe for over a year now and am almost rank 15 with all frames leveled(except loki prime), losts of frames and weaps multi-forma'd almost all mods etc, Ive also done high waves in defence and big times in survival, cleared the entire solar map and so you could say ive "ALMOST" finished the game with a few minor things not done yet. 


I would just like to say that this game is incredible for a free to play game. The graphics are great and everything looks really stylish but i have noticed the game has started heading down the same path another MMO headed down. Yes im sure everyone is going to carry on about this little part but let me explain, this other MMO was in its peak of subcribers when the game was difficult towards the end of their 1st expansion and early into the second expansion from here blizzard made a wrong decision(though was for the best intention) they started to remove the grind from the game and reduced the difficulty of almost everything. This resulted in them losing almost 1 million subscribers a year every year since. 


In Comparison:

The grind has been removed for obtaining warframes as they are now almost obtainable in 3-5 runs, you barely need to grind for resouces to build weapons/warframes now and damage 2.0 and melee 2.0 have seen such large damage boost for the player that you dont even need to pay attention to what ur doing until high wave defence/survival meaning that going through the planets its far to easy now. Yes there is a grind for xp to level and a sometimes a painful experience farming some of the prime weapons but all in all im starting to see the game head down an easy aproach rather then a challenge approach.


Now some people dont have time for the endless grind due to other comitments which i understand being a bricklayer and father of 2 however the grind is needed for example farming frames is far to easy now. With all the work put into the new bosses your only really going to see players go to that boss 3-5 times and most likly never go back unless carrying a friend. I firmly believe there needs to be a drop chance for warframe parts and there needs to be some replayability put into the game(NOT MORE GRIND). Solar rails was a great idea and has been fun, hopefully you will add the pvp option for it however it still doesnt give the player anymore reason to revisit the current content besides events or the very easy to farm and obtain mods nightmare modes.


There has been many sugestions and i really think there needs to be something added after update 14, as i myself and many of my friends who play are just simply bored at our level and its always the same thing; Do something easy? Do something long with no real point(leaderboards get wiped weekly so cant really have real top spot competition)? Play in the conclaves and troll people with our broken damage? in all honesty at end game there is VERY little to do thats worthwhile.


Suggestions to fix this

1). Set up monthly/3 monthly leaderboards

2). Allow a difficulty setting for players at end game so we dont have to sit through 60-70 waves of easy trash on defence/survival times

3). Add in a flat player damage reduction in pvp so players dont get 1 shot and no fun is really obtained

4). Give us a progression style raid/dungeon with drop tables and that are real challenges other then the standard wave after wave of same mobs same stratagys just with more health and damage.


Anyways thats just my 2 cents

Thanks for reading and hopefully it helps with the feedback wanted to improve the game.

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The grind has been removed for obtaining warframes as they are now almost obtainable in 3-5 runs


I actually tested this and you have about the same chance to find each part of a frame if you have it, but the classic week long grind for systems if you don't own the frame


You will notice this if you try to help a new player farm a warframe, I did it solo to rebuild my original excal.

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