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New Rogue Ai Faction!


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I think it would be cool if a new rogue AI faction based on the corpus would be implemented. This new faction should be Rogue corpus robots that was infested by the  Technocyte virus. The Technocyte virus give the corpus robots consciousness and they become a new *treat in the solar system with their own ship and everything. They should be separate from the infested. These robots will have metal robot frames for bones that show through their infest flesh covering. The infested flesh covering should not be complete. They would be intelligent and coordinated unlike the infested. They should look like ultron but infested with organic grace of the geth from mass effect.


Simply put Geth of Warframe.


Okay then change.


 I really don't care what they come from put I feel like rogue AI is missing in warframe.

I would really like to see some rogue AI with there own battle ships and what not. It would be cool.




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interesting but if the main draw is sentient beings then i would have to cast my vote for surviving sentients from the great war they had with the orokin. also it seems the infested are taking over non-organic beings as well so it could cover that front. ( if you haven't been paying too much attention to the lore then essentially from what i understand, the orokin created advanced machines, AI turned against them, and because of how huge this war became between them, the orokin created us to be the ultimate weapon against them.)

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