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Wts/wtt Prime Parts, Mods And Stances

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Greetings Tenno, I want to sell or trade some Mods and Parts. If you interested leave a post, PM here in the Forum or /w me ingame.



I offer:


Maxed Mods:


- a maxed Equilbrium (pm with offer)

- a maxed Heavy Caliber (pm with offer)


Prime Parts:


- Frost Prime BP

 - Frost Prime Helmet BP

 - Frost Prime Chassis

 - Frost Prime Systems BP

- Mag Prime BP

 - Mag Prime Chassis BP

 - Ember Prime Helmet BP

 - Ember Prime Chassis BP

- Boar Prime BP

 - Boar Prime Stock

 - Boar Prime Receiver

 - Boltor Prime Barrel

 - Boltor Prime Stock

- Braton Prime BP

 - Braton Prime Barrel

 - Braton Prime Stock

 - Braton Prime Receiver

 - Burston Prime Receiver

 - Burston Prime Stock

- Latron Prime BP

 - Latron Prime Barrel

 - Latron Prime Receiver

 - Latron Prime Stock

- Paris Prime BP

 - Paris Prime Lower Limb

 - Paris Prime String

 - Paris Prime Grip

 - AkBronco Link

-Bronco Prime BP

 - Bronco Prime Barrel BP

 - Sicarus Prime Receiver

 - Sicarus Prime Barrel

 - Ankyros Prime Blade

- Dakra Prime BP

 - Dakra Prime Handle

 - Fang Prime Blade

 - Reaper Handle

 - Reaper Blade

- Orthos Prime BP

 - Orthos Prime Handle

 - Orthos Prime Blade

 - Ankyros Prime Blade

 - Wyrm Prime Carapace


Ammo Mutation:


- Rifle

- Arrow

- Shotgun

- Sniper

- Pistol




- Equilbrium

- Flow

- Retribution

- Continuity

- Undying Will

- Split Chamber

- Hell's Chamber

- Barrel Diffusion

- Shield Flux

- Fever Strike

- Jagged Edge

- Berserker

- Melee Channel

- Power Throw

- Rage


Nightmare Mods:


- Constitution

- Fortitude

- Vigor

- Blaze

- Stunning Speed

- Ice Storm

- Lethal Torrent

- Accelerated Blast

- Wildfire

- Hammershot


Corrupted Mods:


- Tainted Clip

- Vicious Spread

- Critical Delay




- Coolent Leak

- Fired Up

- Self Destruct

- Sanctuary

- Spare Parts




- Sundering Weave

- Fracturing Wind

- Seismic Palm

- Crossing Snakes

- Reaping Spiral

- Burning Wasp

- Clashing Forest

- Decisive Judgement



I need:

- Crimson Dervish

- Stalking Fan

- Rending Crane


- Loki Helmet, Chassis, Systems

- Bo Prime Handle


I prefer trading (1:1 mostly, depends what it is) but make a good offer and we maybe can do something ^^


If you need a Mod and it's not listed, ask me i might have it. I also looking for some Stances. If you prefer trading then send me a PM what you can offer me and what you need.


Thank you


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