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An Easy Way To Get Rubedo


I've seen a thread on the forum asking for Rubedo farming areas, and I've met a few people in game asking for the same thing. I'd like to share something I found by accident. For those who are impatient, or frustrated from fighting a tonne of mobs but getting very little Rubedo drop, this might be helpful for you.

Like the title says, there's a very simple but boring way to do it. On Gaia map - Earth System (the defence against Grineer mission), clear out all the containers in the starting area, do not enter the actual defence arena. Once all the containers are cleared, quit and restart. I find the containers gives a generous amount of Rubedo and Ferrite.

There's usually 3 different layout of the area. On one, there's a abysmal 2 containers. Another has around 5. But the jackpot is the one with +10 containers. The characteristics of the jackpot map is that where you spawn, there are two machines (fixed environmental things), then a big chasm on your left and a container to your right. There's around 6-8 containers on the lower level and the upper level has around another 5-6.

Chance of finding Rubedo in these crates is around 20%-50%. Each batch gives 12-25. So if you're moderately lucky like me, a run on the jackpot map will yield something around 100 Rubedo. 300 Rubedo will usually take around 10-20 minutes. If you're feeling adventurous, you can run into the arena and scourge all the containers on the edge of the map for possible drops as well. Ignore the Grineers as you won't actually be defending the power core.

I would ask everyone farming this way to go in as solo or private, so people who actually wants to finish the map does not accidentally join and gets disconnected.

People who shouldn't be doing this farm:

- Likes a challenge to fight mobs for drops

- See this as an exploit, and they hate exploits

- Do not want a high quit rating in their profile

- Do not want Rubedo, obviously =).


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Step 1: Acquire Nyx, or a friend with Nyx.

Step 2: Go to Valefor - the promised land of Rubedo.

Step 3: ???

Step 4: Profit!

Repetitive quitting ruins your quit rating, which isn't important now, but may be in the future, if matchmaking filters are added or something.

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I'm glad this has helped others to farm Rubedo faster. I know because apart from using this method, I've hardly ever picked up any Rubedo from playing normally. And those blueprints need a lot of them.

For me personally, I like to shoot/bash things just for the pure enjoyment of it. I don't like to eagerly wait for a drop to fly out of mobs and pick it up only to realise it's something I don't want. So for me, anything that gets rid of unnecessary farming time or help me farm quick is more preferable.

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I thought getting a drop of the BP for Paris meant I was lucky ~ until I saw it required 1200 Rubedo. And there I sat, with about 140 on me. But, two long afternoons later, I had it all, with an extra $50K picked up along the way, as a side benefit of farming it 'legit'. So there are pros and cons to both approaches.

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