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Gallium Farming Tips



Hey! I'm a little new around the forums and i hit this bump in the road. Well, its a little more like a 1-foot-deep hole in the road but that's another story. I wanted to build the Lanka, so i went into my Clan's Energy Lab and bought the blueprint. And when i looked at the cost i almost exploded. It cost 20 GALLIUM to build! Consider the fact that i am not a veteran who has hundreds of Gallium stocked away ready for building. So i looked around and found out the best way to do it, let me share it with you here:


A good stealth frame with at least Continuity and Rush mods (Loki [Prime if available] or if your me you use Ash)

An extremely high damage weapon, a few being a well built Paris Prime, Miter or i use Ogris

And optionally a Resource booster


Now you want to go to War (Mars) and kill Sgt. Nef Anyo, who will drop 1-2 Gallium about 70% of the time as far as i've found. The reason you pick a fast stealth frame is to make getting to and killing him easy, if he doesn't know your there he likely won't shoot at you.


I am sure there are plenty of people who are reading this and thinking "I already knew this, bro.", but i am only really posting this to share my knowledge with those who don't know a good place to find Gallium.


Enjoy the Lanka's and Galatine's everyone!

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Yeah, if you run Nef Anyo the equivalent of 30 mins you should walk out with no less than 5 Gallium, 10 on a good day so it's kinda up to the user, if you dont have Ogris or Nekros

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