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Solar Empire Now Recruiting Join Us And Be A Cool Dude (Click Here To See What We Have To Offer)


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If you clicked here you have decided to check us out or you clicked this on accident. We offer:

-Access to a dojo with most things researched

-A Clan Leader willing to teach you the ropes and help you unlock all planets

-We have a custom clan emblem; it's a Sun

-Finally a desire to just have fun because thats what games are meant to be

So if we seem to be your type of clan reply to this post or pm me in game, I am DaRollinThunder.


See you out there tenno,


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Hey man this is a good post for your clan but it fell behind on the charts it was'nt getting any replies so i'm helping you get back up on the chart best of luck with recruiting.


Almost forgot I dont want to join i'm a leader of a clan.

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