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Nyx Chaos Question


Hey all,

Got my Nyx the other day and I'm finally trying it out.

I've noticed that when I use Chaos, no experience numbers pop up when they kill each other. Does Nyx not get any experience from getting kills by using Chaos? If not, that kinda sucks...

Any enlightenment would be appreciated.


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I've just got Nyx yesterday and used chaos a few times. Sometimes I see the exp, sometimes no. It might be related to how far you stand away from the fight...? Also I think the mission results page shows the number of kills your chaos has got you, because one game I used chaos a few times, got 23 kills, didn't fire more than 10 shots.

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You need to kill them in order to get affinity xp.

Which is harder when using Chaos vs Infested. All the runners will explode dealing aoe dmg and killing weak mobs instantly pmuch.

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Chaos is one of the best abilities ingame right now, no need to make it even better and give you all the exp in a fire and forget move... if you cast chaos, wait a few seconds, then start blasting into the crowd and you will get killshots nonstop.

The best thing about chaos... even when the duration wears off, they still hate eachother :D

Nyx might be the best warframe for defense missions.

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Nyx might be the best warframe

Out of context quote, but valid.

Interesting things to note about chaos:

- Mobs will still hate targets that damaged them even after chaos wears off, this means that they will still fight each other until a higher threat target (the Tenno) is identified or they are dead. This also applies to Mind Control.

- Affected mobs will not always prioritize the closest target, they seem to go for heavy targets (Commanders, Ancients, Railgun MOAs, ect) first.

- Bosses are half-affected. While it will not directly force them to attack allies, it will cause their allies to attack them. Because of the previous two facts it can be a very effective strategy to pop Chaos on bosses with a lot of adds and/or bosses who spawn adds like Kela and the Councilor.

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