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New Races?


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For the past year we have been combating Grineer, Corpus and Infested enemies. A few months back we aided a faction called the "Red Veil". Where are they now?


Also it may also be an interesting development to discover other races (by this I mean completely new ones! Not Alad V merging with the Infested nor do I mean Vor becoming corrupted in the void). As mentioned above we helped the Red Veil to combat the Grineer and Corpus dominance in the system. So perhaps one day the solar system might be invaded by a new aggressive race that will upset the balance the Tenno have been trying to control between the Corpus and Grineer while keeping the system safe from the Infested.


A new race of enemies may give players a greater experience in the Warframe world. Since the devs want the players to determine the progress of the story of the system, adding a new terrifying race of hostiles will expand the horizons of the story and allow greater flexibility for the outcome of the solar system!


A possible idea of new enemies could be a completely new race (like fish, squid, lizard or bird people or something).

Or even perhaps a faction of rogue Tenno who need to be hunted down and executed.


Any other ideas are welcomed!

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More factions are possibly coming with U14, as it was mentioned that we'll be doing quests to garner their approval/support,


As for a new ACTUAL race, well let's just see what the future holds.


EDIT: Although I personally detest the idea of extraterrestrial aliens in Warframe. It's cheap.

Guessing The Sentients are alien enough, as synthetic sentience goes. Hope that that's what they were referring to in the Mag codex entry.

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All I can say is watch the dev streams. Apparently the Sentients are being worked on and the red veil and some new factions will be introduced with proxy wars. Though I don't think you be able to fight them, just work for them similar to the Red Veil event.

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Maybe DE should finish and polish these three races we have first?..

That is what they have been telling for quite some time now. They will create a new threat in the game when they will be satisfied with the existing ones.


Furethermore, as someone said, they have been talking about the sentients for a few months, so maybe they'll be coming once the Vor's Prize quest will be done and infested Salad V have been killed a few millions times.

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