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Dgc - Leadership Positions Available


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Hey.  I'm BeerKillsFear, a Major at Dissension Gaming Community and I'd like to invite you to join me at Dissension Gaming Community:


Dissension Gaming Community (www.dgcgaming.net) is a fun and friendly gaming community with more than 250 active members for you to game with in our weekly game nights, meetings, competitions, and tournaments (with prizes).  DGC also offers: YouTube, Twitch, Graphics, Event, and Recruitment teams if you wish to get more involved in this growing community.


DGC as primarily been a Xbox 360/One clan, but is looking for people interested in leadership positions within our PS4 Battalion: Nightmare.



- Must be 15+ years old.

- Must have frequent access to our forums.

- Must a working mic.



1) Go to dgcgaming.net and create an account.(list "beerkillsfear" as referral)

2) Verify your account with link your email.

3) Click "Join a Battalion" at the top of the page.

4) Apply for the Battalion that suits your gaming style

5) Within 24 hours you will receive a reply with further instructions.

6) Browse the forums and introduce yourself


I hope to see you soon


- BeerKillsFear

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