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So, I have like 20 frames and I'll have more, and almost 200 weapons, and...


Some days I know exactly what I want.


Some days I look at my load out and go "something else", but then have to sit and ponder what.


There's no RNG for us(dice), and for deciding meaningless things like "what's a random frame to try today?" is... random.


I like it, but as you know from livestreams, the "scroll up and down real fast and then click" thing isn't very random.


I can imagine other uses, I think there are lots, but for something as trivial as "doing something different today, for the sake of being different", there's nothing.


Better yet, there could be a "random" button on the loadout, since we already have one for colors. Same deal--click it, and get assigned a few items out of your selection. It'd be interesting, it'd be fun. It'd be a challenge for primetime!


I think it also needs a cancel button, so if we go "OMG NOT THAT!" we can just go back.


Still, when I'm in a "I don't care what frame I take" mood, I'd like the option.

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buy a d20. (who are we kidding, you probably own one, right? We're all nerds here, aren't we? I have a chessex pound of dice on my computer desk as I type this...)

I have a clanmate that assigns weapons to a d20 and when he gets 10+ forma, rolls it, and levels that weapon to a full loadout, even if it's like the normal gorgon or the single vasto or whatever. Guy is nuts.

But there are plenty of online RNGs you can use by yourself. But I wouldn't mind a random loadout thing either, it could be fun.

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The difference here is that its completely optional RNG, and it is exactly like the "Random" colour picker option you have when choosing how your frame looks.

This shouldn't be hard to implement and I would get some use out of it.
When you have every weapon and frame in the game, sometimes its hard to make a choice as to what loadout to bring and this would provide an easy way to do that.

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