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Stop It With The "[Warframe Name After Vauban] Prime" Threads.


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Stop. Please.


Starter frames all have primes now. The three of them should have been first but whatever.

Frost, Rhino and Ember have primes. That leaves Volt (former starter frame, replaced with Mag later on), Ash, Trinity, and Nyx (which arrived later, along with Frost) in the original set of warframes.


The ones that came afterwards were Saryn and Banshee.


Even later, Vauban arrived. He may get primed but nothing is sure.


"OOOOOOH, but I would sooo luv the gewld lookz on ma Zephyr.!! <3"

Nobody cares. NOBODY. Everything that came after Vauban was likely a Tenno invention (not a reverse-engineered orokin frame like everything else) and will not get primed.




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