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Glaive Prime Detonation Build Help



So as I have had Gleaming Talon for a while I figure I might as well optimize my Glaive Prime to make use of it.  The problem is that I'm not sure how build around airburst damage.  Here is my initial idea:  http://goo.gl/leFE96


The plan is to maximize base damage and channeling damage while using the proper elemental damage and Quick Return to increase the amount of airbursts.  Has anyone had any experience using a build like this?


Also, any thoughts on what to use for the final slot?  Does Life Strike leech damage dealt from an airburst?  If not I was probably going to use Fury or maybe Reflex Coil.  Or should I consider more elemental damage?  Any feedback would be appreciated.

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I thought you needed power throw to get the glaive to explode on the last hit?


Only if you aren't channeling.



IMO Glaive and the other thrown weapons are best suited to use as a secondary; IE don't equip them.


You shoot with your gun as normal and toss it when you need AoE or before a reload. This way, you aren't stuck defenceless while waiting for it to return.


Building like this should give you optimal damage per throw (elements set up for Void) without the need to channel for the explosion or to spend energy in order to do so. Although in practice I would consider replacing the 60% toxin for Fury, for better mobility when using it to copter. 


In comparison, the build I linked will do only about 62% of the damage of yours, but wont cost the 2 energy and wont require a weapon swap, making it much more fluid. The punch through is INCREDIBLY useful - if you can line up shots right you can deal many multiples of damage to the same enemy. For example, I can one shot Corrupted Gunners to pretty high levels (~40-50) by getting a headshot, hitting a wall within explosion range, and having the Glaive return to me through the Gunner's head. In this manner I'm dealing 5 times as much damage than if I had just thrown it at its body, and about 250% than if I'd thrown it at its head.


In fact, with that particular setup (not common, but not that rare if you look for it), I'd be dealing 55% more damage than your setup - again, with no energy cost or weapon swap.



If you did want to stick with a channeling build I would still use power throw in that last slot for the reason above. I would also swap out Corrupt Charge for another 60% Corrosive or 90% Fire; you'll do more damage with either and reduce channel cost while you're at it.

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Personally, if I want to throw a weapon without equipping it I'll just stick with Kestrel.  I was just trying to figure out how to optimize channeled airburst damage but I guess I should instead ask if the airburst damage is significant enough to even bother using?


Yeah, its pretty awesome.


I'm not certain on the mechanic for using channel attacks to cause the explosion. Unsure if it would prevent punchthrough or not. If punchthrough does work, I would use that in the last slot and swap Corrupt Charge for +60% more Corrosive. If it doesnt, I would still do the CC->element swap, and use Fury in the last slot (or both damage mods).


I would also consider Reflex Coil. If you plan to channel every attack rather than just the throws.

Actually, if you plan to channel just the throws I wouldn't use Killing Blow either, because the normal swings will suffer.

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