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Valkyr Clipping


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I have noticed this for a while, though it would get fixed or reworked but since it didn't, I decided to write this. Most weapons on Valkyr while equiped but not used are being placed on the lower right part of her back and this clips badly with her wrist claws and arms.


Simply having the weapon moved up and to the left would kind of fix this. Here's the screenshot.




I know clipping is very hard to fix and some clipping can't be avoided but most of primary weapons on Valkyr's back clips with her arms.


Thanks for reading.

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That old Dojo design....


On topic, though. I wonder how DE goes about fixing clipping issues. It seems like they adjust the position for the item for all Warframes across the board, rather than doing it for each frame one by one. (Could be wrong, though.) Seems like the latter would be the best way to go, because clipping is forever an issue in Warframe, but the latter also seems to be the hardest (and longest) option to do...

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