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Weapon Crit Chance


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That's really weird. Why would they want to hide crit rate? It seems like having it displayed in the game would make it possible to theorycraft way better, and in a game that is all about builds and drops isn't that the point?

The wiki doesn't seem to have the crit rate for all guns, only some of them, so I was just assuming there was a place I wasn't looking. thanks.

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I understand that the value showed is the bonus to crit, like everything has a fixed crit chance and some weapons have a bonus to that.

That's why you see it listed only for some weapons. But I could be wrong, and simply the crit chance is not known for all the weapons.

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Stats from wiki come either from pre-U7 weapon stats, where you could see crit chance in upgrade tree, or from latest weapon balance notes. Though there could be hidden changes we are not aware of, so use wiki info at your own risk.

Also, have to look closer on warframe logs, I recall there were some kind of combat log, if it has means to distinguish crit and normal damage (maybe double-crit too) - I can grab statistical info from them.

Damn, probably even setup ACT!

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