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Community, I Require Assistance



So, I only have one warframe slot open right now, and I can't choose between these. I have literally zero preference of one over the other, which is making my indecisive nature even worse.

Please end my dilemma and choose for me.

(Not pictured, Trinity)




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Valkyr. Then sell her and claim Ash. Then sell that too. When they're both ranked you'd probably be able to get more slots.



Or you can claim Loki and Rhino, rank and sell them and use the others. Get Loki Prime and Rhino Prime later.

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Order, top-to-bottom;


I do not like Ash, he feels very... underpowered to me. I just... I can't stand his playstyle. It irks me...


Loki is one of the best CC 'Frames in the game, you'd be a fool to pass up the opportunity to play Loki.


Rhino is alright if you don't mind moving like a glacier. You'll have to make a few sacrifices in a Rhino build to keep up with PuGs who just want to sprint past everything.


Valkyr is decent. with the right build she can decimate huge groups of enemies and still run some marginal support.


Money is on Trinity though, god knows there aren't enough decent Trinity players out there, and with some proper set-up, you'll be able to CC, heal, and Nuke.

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I'm starting to lean more towards Valkyr. But, at the same time, Loki is a very close second.

I wish there was a way to make them all fight to the death, and then choose the winner. Life would be so much easier.

well why don't you ask people who say their frame is the best to battle one another and then just go with the winner.
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