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Infested Exterminate: The Negative Numbers


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Occasionally, during runs trough Exterminate missions troughout the solar system [or the Orokin Derelict], the number tends to go to -1, -2, or rarely, -3. I'm not sure if this happens due to something relating to the Mutalist Ospreys, or something else.

An example would be displayed here: BPL7mCw.png

This is especially annoying when I'm doing Vault runs, as I use Exterminate to be clear of the Corrupted so I won't have an issue bringing the artifact to Extraction.

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I have just noted a similar bug but it could be something diffrent too... 

I played Necros in an infested invasion and used the shadow of the dead skill wich released a mutalist osprey. the osprey dropped a crawler wich didnt disapear when all of the other shadwos died it counted as enemy marking it with g...

rising some more dead ospreys resulted in lowering the number of killed enemys further...

It was a little funny to see that every body searched for the left enemy but the only thing that helped was a hostmigration.

Im sorry for the team mates but it was all just for since! ;D 

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