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Davinci's Video Guide For The Newbies!


Hey guys, I made another Warframe Video and this time its in 720HD!

only took me 8 hours to upload with my sh*t internet! o_e

It's pretty much and intro to Warframe in general (so, good for sending a Warframe noob friend of yours!), but also shows my current layout for my main Warframe, NYX! Also a 20 Minute Gameplay of me soloing an Exterminate Mission!

Again, this is a great video to send to your friends that you want to get as turned on by this game as we are! ^-^v

Enjoy, and leave a comment and a Like if there is something you enjoyed and leave suggestions on what you would like to see! I will make a tutorial of anything you need to me to make a Tutorial of!

I already made a Tutorial for the new MODS System, that you can check out here:

(With over 1.1k Views from you guys already! Lurv it! Keep it comin'!)

My future Video Ideas are a rundown on what all Warframes do and kinda in which situation which one would be better than another! Same concept for weapons too? Tell me what you think!

That's all from me for now! Peace out, Nerdies! ;D

PS: If anyone can explain to me how to embedd videos I would be super thankfull! ;)

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