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Should De Change Eximus Mechanics?


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Hi everyone, I would like to start by saying that I am color blind and Eximus monsters pose a huge challenge for me when determining what monsters to avoid in game. I have thought of a few solutions that might help others that are dealing with this same frustration.




Display Eximus monsters on the mini map so that players in my situation can determine what monsters to avoid. This would all so help other players formulate a quick strategy for Eximus monster that attack from their blind side. 


Reduce the amount of energy that is drained so that players can run away and re-engage them when their energy regains.


Limit the number of times Eximus monsters can energy drain a player with in a given time frame.



These are the solution that I came up with but I encourage the rest of the community to give their input on any other solutions that would not hinder the challenge that we all love and enjoy.

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I think they appear a bit frequently, and friendly Eximus units are still hitting us with their effects even when we're working for their faction.



I'm not a fan of anything that hits us with an effect because it merely exists.  At least those freakin' Disrupters have the decency to slap me when they drain me of all of my freakin' energy.

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