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Channelling: What Is It Good For?



So, it's been a little over two months since Melee 2.0 arrived and I've now worked my way through the large pile of melee weapons that I had acquired, often living up to the name of the update by using a sword alone.


I greatly enjoyed the buffed melee weapons, the blocking and when I could find (or more often transmute them) stances. However, what I still don't understand is how does channelling fit into all of this?


Life Strike I can understand as it give you a way to restore health, but at the cost of stamina and energy.


We lost charge attacks for it, a trade off I am still not entirely convinced by, so can someone tell me, what is channelling good for?



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I can say eversince melee 2.0 I don't use channeling at all, not worth and overexpensive.

Same thing has append with my heavy melee, they all worthless now, as I dont see any superiority on using heavy melee.






This post brings out a good question, since melee 2.0 nothing much as been made upgrade this system, and lets hope this post gets more ppl talking about it.


1 - channeling not worth, better save the energy to use our powers, better to slowly kill an enemy then waist energy u might need further on.


2 - All heavy melee seem now quite worthless, since you have more liberty using quick and medium melee, rather then heavy slow melee.


3 - We are still smashing the E key... thought by now we could configuration the attack button to mouse 1 when in melee mode, without loosing our shooting button.

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Don't forget, it was mainly added to add a unique 'warframe vibe' to the melee system, to make it stand out...so people can't call it a DMC clone.


And as mentioned above, life strike. I channel life strike frequently on Valkyr to avoid having to use the (at the moment, and in my opinion) unsatisfactory ultimate.

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If I remember correctly, it adds 50% damage.

Example ; 50 melee + channeling(50%) = 75 damage. / 50 melee + pressure point = 110 + channeling(50%) = 165.


And with Focus Energy and Reflex Coil, you spend only 1 energy per hit.

Also, Quickening can send you flying.

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Channelling adds 50% bonus damage to all of your hits while channeling.
And this is applied after all elements and everything is taken into consideration.
And crits (and stealth attacks) also get the 50% boost as well.

And there are mods that lower the channel cost, and raise the channel damage, and other effects.

With a maxed killing blow you are dealing 110% bonus damage per strike when you channel.
Which means you can have a weapon that does the below damage normally:
(and this is the dragon nikana):
-13.76 impact
-27.20 Puncture
-231.36 slash
-736.26 corrosive
For 1007.58 total damage.

Channeling and I'm dealing:
-28.90 impact
-57.12 puncture

-485.86 slash

-1544.05 corrosive
For 2115.93 total damage.

And then if I am Loki/Ash/Excalibur that number gets multiplied by 4 for stealth attacks.

It can *massively* boost your damage.

And with 2 mods you can lower your energy cost per hit to 1 energy.
Meaning you are doubling your melee weapons damage, while also making that doubling easily maintainable.

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IIRC the main reason was removed was that Heavy Attack "ruined the flow" (don't quote me on that one), so they replaced it with channeling. And of course they didn't want to make it broken, so they made it so it cost 5 energy per hit.

A few good reason to use it other than Life Strike is to boost some weapons perfomance during channeling. Quickening boosts attack speed when you channel so if you equip it on Dual Zoren, you'll have an even faster weapon. Or you equip Quickening on a weapon that has low attack speed (even if you have fury on it) to give it a faster attack speed. Same goes for Enduring which increases status chance while channeling. Slap it on a weapon with high status and now you have even more status chance. There's also True Punishement which boosts critical chance while channeling. Etc. You get the idea.

Also I read somewhere that channeling while having three different base elements with Killing Blow equipped is stronger than channeling with all base elements equipped. Something you might consider if you're doing a melee build.

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As others have said, it's a damage boost. I didn't realize this was even a question for anyone...I usually use channeling for bigger enemies/bosses, not so much for basic trash mobs. So that's pretty much it - more damage per hit, but takes energy. Pretty simple...

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Everyone's saying that the cost is too high but it really depends on the frame. I use a predominantly melee build with my Excalibur and I usually have more than enough energy for Radial Blind, even with Steel Charge slapped on. The extra energy is usually being wasted, while channeling is a nice way to use all the extra energy I have. There are a few other frames where I typically have more energy than I need (ie: Nyx and Nekros) so I end up making use of it with channeling.

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