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Sentinel Targeting


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Why would you wait for your sentinel to do that, after 5 mins??? Shoot it yourself! haha Seriously though, I don't think my Sentinel has shot anything in a while, but then, that's because I don't use them to shoot anything, I like doing it myself, the kills it gets don't get put into your numbers. The only sentinel now that shoots cameras and turrets, is my Helios, but not to kill, he does it to scan and put the item in the Codex, he only stops doing it, when the Codex has completed the item's required count of shots. If I have Helios armed, he scans first.. shoots second. You didn't mention which Sentinel you use, but for my taste, I'd rather get the kills numbers, the Sentinel will level simply being with you. I use carrier when I'm going into a big fight, (like ODD), so I don't miss anything dropped by the Infested horde, and it keeps me powered up and armed to the teeth, I used Dethcube, when I am working solo, and I need a little backup for a single target fight (like Assassination). I don't use Wrym, or Wrym Prime, or Dethcube and more. Djinn is a power house, and all of them target cameras and turrets spectacularly. But as I said, I don't need them. Presently I only use, Helios, or my Kubrow.  But Shadow,  have fun... the Sentinel isn't broken, it's the way you have it Moded :)

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