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The Dev Stream And Prime Time Drinking Game!


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I haven't seen any drinking games for livestreams yet, so:


Take a drink:

-platinum prize is mentioned

-someone says aboot

-devs applaud something

-a dev takes a drink

-Rebecca awws something

-every other harmonized chorus of "yep"


Take two drinks:

-platinum prize is given

-Rebecca or Megan fall in combat

-devs are playing with something unrelated to Warframe (ie, toy soccer ball/buzzer)

-"when is PS4..."

-hair on mic

-a wild Scott or Steve appears


Finish your drink:

-chocoboat is mentioned

-technical problems (ie mic/camera/stream issues)


Nightmare mode:

-Whenever there's a loud noise or volume problem, drink until it's over

-If Sheldon appears on Prime Time instead of Rebecca, you have to upgrade your drink to something stronger

-Drink whenever someone in the chat says something creepy about either Rebecca or Megan


This is a work in progress, feel free to contribute, I'll adjust the list as needed.

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Finish your drink:

-technical problems (ie mic/camera/stream issues)


So I have to finish a drink at the start of each stream? Well I guess that makes it more interesting faster. :D

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You're kind enough for not willing to make us drink each time they say "awesome" ! This seems the word I hear the most during streams. But hey, the game would be too short this way...

It would be fun to see if everyone in chat would do this game.

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