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Warframe Concept: "support Engineer"


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Vauban is hard to get / some of its powers are meh. I mean really... jump pad? Troll much?


I was thinking and discussing with people in the Warframe twitch chat about this and it hit me... Support Engineer! I'm thinking somewhere along the lines of the Engineer class from TF2.


Appearance wise... probably more tech based. Male or Female doesn't matter... though for balance sake lets say female since we already have a "male engineer". I'd say maybe they'd have more of a boxy shape and some sort of backpack looking thing.


Name Ideas

Curatrix - Latin for Guardian



Physical Description

The head has a reinforced dome shaped top meant to withstand impact, a horizontal visor is below the brim of the dome. There is a face plate with tubes leading around the back of the neck. The main body is slender with some feminine curves. It has heavy breast plate with multple diagonally aligned ones covering the lower abdomen. On the back leading from the rear of the helmet is reinforced looking spine that goes through the various backplates and under a back pack like feature. The back pack has an antennae on one side The arms of the frame are curved until the lower forearms where they turn more sqaure like box, the hands appear to be heavy duty with mechanical looking knuckles. Overlayed on the main frame connecting to the forearm boxes and lower legs are several reinforcing struts and heavy mechanical joints on the knees and elbows. For the lower legs, connected to the exosuit strut are heavy looking boots.



Health: 100 (250 at 30)

Power: 150 (300 at 30)

Armor: 100

Shield Capacity: 100 (300 at 30)

Sprint: 1.0

Stamina: 100

Polarities: 4 x (ability = thingy), 1 x (wierd V shape), 1x (~ shape)

Aura Polarity: (- shape)






1 - Defensive Turret

Deploys a helpful defensive weapon to help hoarde off waves of enemies.

Energy Cost: 25


Range: 15/20/25/30 Meters

Placement Limit: 1/1/2/3



Health: 250/500/750/1000

Shield: 500/750/1000/1250

Armor: 50/100/150/200



Fire Rate: 5/7.5/10/12.5

Accuracy: 100

Magazine: 100

Reload: 2.0

Physical Damage: 10/15/20/25

Impact: 5/10/15/20

Puncture: 5/10/15/20

Slash: 5/10/15/20

Crit Chance: 15%

Crit Damage: 125%


2 - Anti-Personnel Mine

Places a mine or mines that once armed will detonate to deal damage to a nearby target that activates them.


Cost: 50

Placement Limit: 2/3/4/5


Power Damage: 250/500/750/1000

Blast Damage: 50/100/200/400

Status Chance: 50%

Power Range: 1.5/2/2.5/3 Meters


3 - Generator

Deploys a helpful generator that will heal and restore energy to nearby allies within its range.


Cost: 75

Placement Limit: 1


Health Restored: 2/3/4/5 Per Second

Energy Restored: 1/1.5/2/2.5 Second

Power Range: 3/4/5/6 Meters


Health: 500/1000/1250/1500

Armor: 100/150/200/250

Shield: 200/400/600/800


4 - Attack Drone

Deploys a small but powerful drone that will aid the Tenno in battle for as long as its power lasts.


Drones: 1/2/3/4

Power Duration: 15/30/45/60 Seconds



Health: 200/400/600/800

Armor: 200/300/400/500

Sheilds: 400/600/800/1000



Fire Rate: 10/12.5/15/17.5

Accuracy: 30/33/36/39%

Magazine Size: 250/300/350/400

Reload: 2.0 Seconds

Physical Damage: 10/15/20/25

Impact: 10/15/20/25

Puncture: 10/15/20/25

Slash: 10/15/20/25

Crit Chance: 5%

Crit Damage: 100%

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Yeah I know people are going to whine about the drone(s) just being another sentinel, but its one that burns itself out instead of sticking with you.


I probably still have a lot of stuff to tweak so bare with me? ^_^

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Now that i have experienced many gameplays warframes and weapons, i just like you was looking for a support warframe juste like an engineer, but yours prioritize over equipment. i was thinking in another way: why not abilities that works around all tenno's weapons? increasing damage, rate of fire? reloading time? and also reloading shields but not health. giving out ammo? what do you think of this?

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