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Selling Rare Mods & Prime Parts

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Flow 5p (currently unavailable)

Focus/Intensify 5p

Fortitude 5p

Streamline 5p

Rage 10p

Natural Talent 15p



Enemy Radar 5p

Energy Siphon 10p

Physique 5p

Pistol Scavenger 5p

Rejuvenation 5p

Rifle Amp 5p

Rifle Scavenger 5p

Shotgun Scavenger 5p

Sniper Scavenger 5p

Speed Holster 5p

Steel Charge 5p


Serration 5p

Barrel Diffusion 10p

Vital Sense 5p

Hornet Strike 5p

Ice Storm 5p

Focus Energy 5p

Jagged Edge 15p

Sundering Strike 5p

Berserker 15p

Hammershot 15p


Glaive Prime Blade 10p (currently unavailable)

Frost Prime Helmet 5p

Ember Prime Chasis 5p

Mag Prime Chasis 5p (currently unavailable)

Latron Prime Receiver 5p

Orthos Prime BP 5p

Orthos Prime Handle 5p

Orthos Prime Blade 10p

Rhino prime system 5p

Ember Prime Helmet 5p

Paris Prime BP 5p (currently unavailable)

Paris Prime Lower Grip 5p

Paris Prime String 5p



Try whispering me ingame

Add me on steam for fast trading if I'm not on,otherwise pm this account on the forums

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