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Aerial Attack For Melee Weapons


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As it has been discussed before, melee weapons need and easier way to hit things in the air!  The Jump and spin attack works, but it is difficult to aim and can only hit things at a certain height.

The Glaive and Kestral already have an aerial attack which is their "charge" throw attack.  I propose all weapons have a "charge" attack that can hit enemies/things that are not on the ground.  The idea in my head is basically just hold the melee attack and the Warframe will dive/leap in the direction the player is aiming with their melee weapon thrusting in front. (Basically the same as the wall attack, just from the ground.)  You can of course even have mods that affect the dive distance, damage, etc.


It's just a "simple" mechanic that I feel would make melee an even more viable option, especially against the Corpus and those new Infested Ospreys!

Thoughts?  Anything wrong with this? Any other suggestions?

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Oh, look at that, another one of those... Welcome to the club! I call the club "We want an Air Attack, damn it!" but we're working on a better name. Maybe "Screw Ground Pound" Club?

Haha, I don't read the forums much, I kind of assumed it has been said multiple times before.  Just thought I'd share my thoughts as well! :)

And yes, the "Screw Ground Pound" Club sounds lovely!

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