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Login Failed. Check Your Info.


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Since yesterday, I've been getting this message: "Login failed. Check your info". Everything is put in correctly (email/password) and checked for number lock and caps lock. I then restarted the computer and the same message appeared. So I reinstalled the game, yet again the messaged showed up. Today I tried again, this time, checking all of the options of the warframe startup screen (the little gear on the upper right corner) and no luck.


I asked a friend to log in from his computer and he said it had worked. He has not changed the password to anything, but for me, there is no such luck.


I have also tried verifying the download cache as well as using the defrag option and nothing. Anyone help?

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Got the same problem ...I closed the game without logging out then when I opened the game again , It said Login Failed Check Your Info. Tried everything on the forum but still nothing changed , I hope it fix itself :(

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