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Selling Prime Parts 5P Ea.

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Boar Prime Barrel(x11)

Boar Prime Stock(x6)

Boltor Prime Barrel(x11)

Braton Prime Barrel(x8)

Bronco Prime Barrel(x11)

Dakra Prime Handel(x8)

Frost Prime Helmet(x20)

Latron Prime Barrel(x12)

Latron Prime Receiver(x25)

Latron Prime Stock(x15)

Mag Prime Blueprint(x25)

Mag Prime Chassis(x36)

Mag Prime Systems(x12)

Reaper Prime Blueprint(x15)


Auras 10p ea.


Corrosive Projection(x6)

Enemy Radar(x17)



Infested Impedance(x6)

Energy Siphon(x12)

Shield Disruption(x3)

Pistol Scavenger(x12)

Rifle Scavenger(x16)

Shotgun Scavenger(x18)

Sniper Scavenger(x12)

Dead Eye(x4)

Rifle Amp(x13)

Speed Holster(x14)

Steel Charge(x13


Pm me in-game or message my steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198064313970/


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