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Nothing Sounds As Good As The Braton Vandal


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I've played on my friends account once to do a catalyst alert (he was on holiday at the time) and he happens to have the Braton Vandal.


I have never fired a video game weapon that was so satisfying. It's just ear-gasmic how it sounds.


So why are there no weapons that are even close to that level of sound? I managed to get the snipetron Vandal but the first firing sound it had was replaced - even though it sounded much better than the crap we got stuck with in the end.


I really don't think most weapons have enough oomph to them as they should, especially the weapons I like to use such as the Braton Prime.


Anyway, I'm going to stop here to avoid ranting about my opinions.


TL;DR Guns sound weak and it makes me sad :(



On a positive note i want to add that the ambient music in warframe is amazing and you sound guys did a fantastic job with that.

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mmm yeah dat Vandal is great~

one of the best sounding guns to fire, IMO~

though I wish they had reskins for bratons~

can't change the color of it at all~


The Braton has had the most alternate skins. Including the Day of the Dead skin that was purchasable in game.

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Classic Viper and Boar audio, mmm.....


They really should bring back some of the old audio. Even if the newer stuff doesn't sound bad, a lot of the older stuff sounded more like real weapons, not sure what convinced them to overhaul certain noises in the first place.

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