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Market Place Gear Amount Suggestion


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The market place is great, and has come a long way from this time last year. But one thing that hasn't changed mush is buying large quantities of items, and by that I mean going on the market place and buying more than the set amount (IE buying more than 25 scanners for 500 credits).


I believe it'd be a wonderful thing if you could enter the amount of items you are wanting to buy, instead of having to click "Buy" and "Okay" over and over and over until you have the desired amount you want and/or run out of credits.


This would be VERY useful for those of us who actually use Helios and the scanners, because as we all know, each scan that silly little sentinel preforms, use up a scanner, and if you're a player who runs Defense and survival missions, 25 scanners go very quickly. I much rather spend more time playing the actual game, and racking up scans so I can hunt down what I want/need, than spending time clicking buttons in the market UI, and having flash backs of the first time I used Windows Vista....... So many pop up notifications....

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