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(Idea) How Can Dark Sector Benefit The Clan That Own It


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so my idea is to make Dark Sector (we'll call it DS from now on) into a land so we can build a factory on it.


While the other Tenno can still use the DS to lv they stuff, the clan that own it can still use those land to build a factory that will benefit the clan in a long term. and can only been build/demolition by the Warlord and Officer order.

Here's what i got in mind.


Constructor: - #% room/object building time

Operator: - #% weapon Research time

Alert system: + # Specter and guardian drone level at any DS been invade


individual clanmate

(T)Ebay: + # time clan mate can trade in 1 day

Blacksmith: - #% weapon crafting time 


Specific planet (these DS factory will only benefit you if you're in they planet)

Credit management: + #% of credit reward in each mission (yes, some people still need credit)

salvage HQ: + #% loot at the end of the mission

Power Station: + #% exp earn at the end of the mission

Mod marker: + #% chance of rare mod drop.


(the # is support to be the number, but i have no brain, theory or permission to put in anything).

in any case the DS with a factory been capture by other clan, these factory will belong to the other clan to use it. They can either keep or destroy it to make a new 1.


P.s: if There's a factory been build while the DS been invade, the build process will be pause. And will start after the conflict is over.


so that's my idea, what do you guy think ?




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