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The launcher is not updating, its continuously showing this error. I tried restarting computer/Router, Unchecked 64 bit, Bulk download, aggressive download, Verify , defrag none of these helping... Please help me what to do to resolve this error.


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I have found the Issue, your AntiVirus Software is Blocking or Sand boxing the Program.. you need to add the Warframe Lancher exe (Eg.Warframe.x64.exe) to the exclusions of "auto-Sand boxing" i use Comodo.


For Comodo go to Comodo's Advanced settings menu, select the


"Defence+" tab on the left



"Behavior Blocker"


then on the right there is a Blue link that says "Exclusions" after "Define exclusions for behavior blocking"  Click it.


right click in the empty white box and choose "Add" > "File" then find your Warframe file, mine is x64 and is in the file path for Win8.1 NON steam is:




PS! the Folder "AppData" is a hidden folder


Good Luck

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why do people insist on posting things in the forums that they know we can do nothing about except telling them to contact support>>>>contact support

Support isnt always as fast as finding out the issue, people on the forums can find a solution faster sometimes, especially if its not DE's Side.

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