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"terraemotus" New Warframe Idea


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My Very First Warframe Idea:

So I've been sitting back playing Warframe and enjoying our Warframe selection but I just felt like there was something missing. Since we have many different elemental type Warframes: Zephyr (air), Volt (electricity), Hydroid (water), Ember (fire), Saryn (poison), and Frost (ice)... Why don't we have something involving the ground? So I sat and thought for a while and came up with this: How about a Warframe that can use the ground beneath its feet as a weapon?


Name: Terraemotus (Latin for earthquake)

Gender: Male

Health: 75(max unmodded 300) Shields: 100(max unmodded 400) Armor: 125 Energy: 100(max unmodded 150) Sprint Speed: .9



        During the Cicero Crisis the Lotus was frightened that the Councilor Vay Hek would successfully release the Cicero Toxin onto Earth and expand the Grineer empire over the heavily forested areas in which an orokin artifact had been lost hundreds of years ago... The artifact had been lost by the Corpus after they had stolen the artifact from the orokin void and crashed into an old abandoned satellite from the information era on Earth, on their way back to the Corpus markets. The Corpus merchant ship carrying the priceless artifact crashed into a heavily forested swampy landscape called Catalvia. The Lotus attempted to recover this artifact, but every scout they sent into the massive swamps never returned. Counciler Vay Hek intercepted a Tenno craft flying to Catalvia in an attempt to gather information on why the Tennos were flying to Earth. He tortured and beat the Tenno to the brink of death. The Tenno then broke... And told Vay Hek the Lotus' plan.

        In retaliation Vay Hek and his best Grineer scientists researched toxins and tested their effects on the mutated plant samples from Earth. After many years he developed the Cicero Toxin... This gave the Grineer the ability traverse through the massive forests and swamps of Earth and expand their empire into the lands of Catalvia, where he knew, they were bound to find the orokin artifact. The Lotus knew this had they had to be stopped before it was too late. She sent the Tenno to stop Vay Hek and the Grineer, queuing the Cicero Crisis.

        During the period of time the Lotus was trying to locate the orokin artifact, she created a new prototype Warframe she called Terraemotus. He was built to withstand the treacherous landscape of Catalvia but was never actually finished until a year before the Cicero Crisis began. Terraemotus blended in with the landscape and accepted the vegetation as his home. The longer he stayed on Earth, the more the vegetation grew and the more he blended in with the forest and swamp. Once the Cicero Crisis was ordered to the Tenno, Terraemotus was given orders to recon Catalvia, hunt the Grineer and report back to the Lotus with information regarding the location of Cicero antitoxins and Grineer outposts. 

        Around the last day of the Cicero Crisis Terraemotus located the orokin artifact but to his surprise, an entire Grineer platoon had arrived too. He had one of two choices... Attack and don't let them return to Vay Hek with the artifact but risk his own life, or contact the Lotus asking for immediate reinforcements but risk them being able to return to Vay Hek before the reinforcements arrived.

        He chose to attack... He used what he learned over the course of a year living on Earth, to deceive the Grineer platoon and throw them into a state of complete confusion. The artifact had crashed into a large tree on a small patch of land in the middle of the swamp. Terraemotus used the vines hanging from the tree to distract the Grineer, by moving them in front of their faces and hitting them. As they are panicking, wondering what is going on, Terraemotus sneaks onto the patch of land and throws up three stone walls to protect the artifact. Once he knows he has the artifact safe he begins his attack...

        Terraemotus climbs up a tree next to the patch of land the artifact is on. He pulls out his Tenno hammer called the Teramaul(A 4ft long vegetation covered hammer with a short curved blade running through the center of the hammer itself.)  He then throws stone caltrops around the tall grass and lures the confused Grineer into the small traps by throwing rocks around them. Once he hears the screams from the nasty traps stabbing their feet, he dives down out of the tree and performs his ability Shockwave, ripping the Grineer he hit with the Teramaul into pieces of shrapnel that fly out and kill a quarter of the platoon. He performs his ability Sinkhole and sinks the Grineer into a large 5ft hole, stunning the already wounded soldiers. He jumps into the hole and Frontward Quakes the first Grineer he sees. The soldier disintegrates into an explosion of bone and blood which kills another quarter of the platoon still stunned behind him. Terraemotus throws more caltrops around the wounded Grineer and stomps, making the sinkhole deeper. The stunned Grineer then fall into the sharp traps, ending their lives.

        Terraemotus grabs the orokin artifact, contacts the Lotus and extracts out of Earth with the artifact. The Cicero Crisis was over and so was Terraemotus' job, but Vay Hek couldn't just forget about the priceless item he lost that day... So the Lotus said one day Terraemotus shall return to finish off the god forsaken Grineer leader... And maybe one day return the solar system to its own independent nature... Away from power hungry races and away from the Grineer once and for all.



Ability 1: Stone Wall:(25 energy) Terraemotus kicks the ground and causes a large stone (Bent steel on ships) to fling out of the floor to give him and his fellow Tenno cover to regenerate their shields, reload or even revive (Lasts for 10 seconds). If the the stone hits a light armored target, it will knock them down and deal 10% damage. If it hits a heavy unit like a Gunner, Bombard, or Napalm, it will stagger and disarm them.. Forcing them to have to go pick up their weapon in order to attack you. On the down side it will do no damage, due to their higher shields but since they are disarmed it makes them an easy target to finish off. Upgrading this will increase the strength of the wall, the damage it does to light armored targets and how long the wall lasts.


Ability 2: Sinkhole:(50 energy) Terraemotus causes a small sinkhole to drop the enemies five feet under the ground, stunning them and making them have to climb out of the sinkhole to attack you at their full range. This would make it easier to finish off high level enemies and annoying hordes. Enemies inside the sinkhole can still attack you if you are close to the sinkhole and they have recovered from the initial stun, but not at the full range until they are out of the sinkhole. Upgrading this would increase the width of the sinkhole and how long the enemies are stunned.


Ability 3: Frontward Quake:(75 energy) Terraemotus charges at an enemy and kicks them straight in the chest. Terraemotus has stone feet so the impact ignores armor and shields. The impact from the kick knocks Terraemotus on his back but does devastating damage to the single target. (The strike does 110% damage to the individual target and is similar to Nekros' Soul Punch) If the enemy dies from the kick it's limp body is then flown back into the enemies behind it. This will kill, stun or stagger any enemies who were unlucky enough to cross paths with their now completely decimated friend. (Does 90% damage to any enemy 1 meter away, 70% to any enemy 2 meters away and 50% damage to any enemy 3 meters away. Any enemy further than that distance gets staggered or knocked down.) Upgrading this ability increases the initial impact damage, how far the body goes and how much damage each hit does to the enemies behind it. (However if the enemy does not die on contact, they are knocked to the floor)


Ability 4: Shock Wave:(100 energy) Terraemotus leaps into the air and slams his melee weapon into the ground causing a massive shock wave. This throws rocks and turns shrapnel, debris, dead bodies, useless ammo, and weak enemies into deadly projectiles, in all directions. The initial shock wave kills any weak enemies within a 2 meter radius (Does 50% damage in the 2 meter radius). The thrown objects and bodies do less damage to hit enemies, the further they are away from the blast (Enemies within 3 meters get 50% damage, enemies within 6 meters get 25% and enemies within 10 meters get 10% damage). If Terraemotus come into direct contact with an enemy while performing Shock Wave, the enemies body falls apart. The arms, legs, torso and head then become deadly projectiles too. Upgrading this ability increases the radius of the initial shock wave and the damage dealt to enemies struck by objects and bodies.


Other ability ideas:

Caltrops: Terraemotus tosses 5 X shaped spikes that once stepped on stops the enemies from moving and creates a bleed proc. The defenseless enemies, in excruciating pain, almost drop to their knees and beg to be killed so the pain will stop... Effected by damage mod and duration mods.

Pillar: Similar to Stone Wall except for the fact its used to throw enemies in the air and damage them. Terraemotus raises both of his hands with his palms up, and a large stone pillar launches into the enemy, throwing them into the air. if they hit a ceiling it does 3x the damage. This in combination with Caltrops can be an extremely lethal combination to higher level enemies. Effected by damage and range mods.

Rough Edges: Terraemotus slams his hands into the ground and twists. This creates a slight earth quake stunning enemies in a 15ft radius until the ability is done. Once performed, the ground turns into a jagged, rough and bumpy area. All enemies in the radius are slowed down to 1/2 their normal speed. Ability would 10 seconds at the start but be effected by range mods.

Constrict: Terraemotus casts a wall of vines that covers a single enemy, completely stopping them and tangling them in a mess of vines. They can't move or attack until they are able to get the vines off of themselves. Only 3 Constriction vines can be casted at once. After 3 are casted you will get invalid target every time you try to cast. Effected by damage and duration mods.


All feed back is appreciated. If you can make Concept Art for him I would appreciate that more. :) thanks.

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