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Ash Godmode Bug And Rubedo Rhino Bug


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First about Rubedo Rhino:
1. equipping skin on both helm/body
2.changing colors and other things
3.log out

4.log in back

5.changes reset to previous ones
Tried many times,same thing every time


About Ash. While using Blade Storm at event missions (breeding grounds),i found 2 bugs.

1.After ult,Ash would be with blades on his hands out and total immune to any kind of dmg (npc/self inflicted)

*primary and secondary weapons can be used normaly

*melee cant be used.

2.A clone will be chilling around somewhere close


3.Ash will totally ignore any kind of Gravity



4.Sometimes after Blade Storm if you die and revive,you will spawn ON tile set (was a quite a pain to get back into the room.....)



5.Another fun fact - if you will use Blade Storm at Hive room and Ash will land on immune Hive,he will over spam hits on immune hive and will ignore everything else. Quite annoying to be honest.

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