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Iron Skin ... Is On Top Of Our Shields?


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This is not something that would get changed, but I'd like to just throw it out so I can see what people think of the idea.


Iron Skin to sit UNDER the shields, and on top of our health bar.


Iron Skin becomes something we pop quickly when our shields are about to pop to obtain a powered ablative layer to allow us to deal with active threats and let shields regenerate. It could be something that slowly drains energy as damage is absorbed, and would make us also helpless in "no energy mode" instead of still invulnerable, as we can re-power up with a single energy orb before we get drained (min-maxed), or just pop an energy pad and use the first tick to restore Iron Skin.


As it stands for missions, you can almost not bother bringing any shield mods and just put a mod there to increase the HP that Irons Skin gives you, and you can almost run entire missions without it going down once, add to that Steel Fibre giving you 57% damage mitigation to health and you have a buffer anyway.


I ran a Void II Defence map and only lost Iron Skin the first time after 21 waves of cumulative damage. Yes, yes, I know that's a LOW wave, but you can imagine how "overpowered" it feels in normal missions, and yet it vaporizes in seconds against high level mobs, so would it not make more sense for it to perform with a much more flat curve across the board?


An ability powered by our energy pool that absorbs damage after our shields go down. Ok, so balancing it might be a *@##$ :)


I guess having a Ferrite layer of armor that stops damage going to my shields irks me no end, yes yes magical void energy, still, mechanically weird.


Would be nice if I could get some feedback of what people think of Iron Skin as is.

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Iron Skin needs a rework but your suggestion is not good enough of a nerf.

I would like to suggest that Iron Skin be affected by Duration mods also. Kinda like Snow Globe.

So, it will effectively stop Hallway Heroes if Iron Skin is affected by Duration as well as power strength.

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