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Whats Your Supra Build (Only If You Have One)


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Mine is waiting, waiting for the day I decide to finally remove it from my bank of unranked, untouched weapons I know can be amazing, I just need to put the time into them, its third on the list behind Ignis, and Snipetron.


But being serious, you can find many good builds online, particularly on youtube, with also some good gameplay demonstrations.

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Sorry dude but until the woeful crit and status % is SERIOUSLY buffed its a dead weapon.

Death by Powercreep.

However if You MUST Use it, its gunna require a Cat [of course] and at least 3 or 4 forma.
Go for Serration, Split Chamber, Shred, Piercing Hit to maximize its puncture dmg,
With Stabilizer to control its terrible accuracy [it drastically reduces the Up/Down recoil making a HUGE difference to its fire spread and accuracy potential]
Wildfire or Tainted Mag to increase its clip size,
Ammo Mutator a MUST,
and lastly the faction specific damage mod you are fighting.

You COULD replace Wildfire or Tainted Mag with Heavy Caliber but only if you wanna use it point blank because the accuracy is dreadful even with Stabilizer on.

Don't even bother with ANY elemental or crit mods, if You would like to try an experiment put on all THREE event status/element mods on, and take it to defense, and try and spot ONE status proc!  2.5% base chance=fat chance!


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maxed serration, maxed heavy calibur, puncture, shread, then everything else is elemental mod to your liking. Forget about reload speed just max the damage. I have 6 Forma on it and i can deal around 500- 800 damage per bullet. full clip = everything dead. But only good for short range, so its basically a shotgun conversion. Just tap the fire and it can pretty much kill everything. But it still need buff

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I use Vile Precision on mine along with everything else, now instead of it being a wall of death, it's more of a stream of death and with Shred, it pretty much doubles the amount of overall damage you can do since you have more shots in a tighter spread hitting more enemies then shots in a very large spread that misses many enemies.


Vile Precision makes it even better for the Supra to hold down a choke point from a distance.

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Simple the Basic build for all rifle weapons


Serration v  | Split Chamber v | Heavy Caliber v  | Shred v

Elemental - | Elemental           | Utility/Elemental | Rifle Mutation -

                                                   ^ Can be Elemental or Utility (fast hands)


6 to 5 forma build

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