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Clan Members Market And Trading


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I have an idea and would like to know what you guys think. This is my first post so I want to make it count for something and hopefully the idea spreads and gains momentum with people and (cross fingers) DE pick its up and runs with it.



- Have a market system which is specific only to clan members and accessed when they are in the dojo

- The market will have the same facilities as the current market but for clan members only

- The market will be stocked with the same tradeable items that currently exists (mods, blueprint parts, gear etc)

- Clan members will be able to post what the have for sale and place an asking price for it (ie, plat or a mod, part they need).

- When another clan member accesses the clan market the they will be able to see what items have been posted for sale by the other members and buy these direct (with plat or specific mods or parts).


There are so many benefits to this type of market system, cheaper trades, helps out the clan noobs and clan veterans can gain extra plat for their hard earned farming. You can also gain extra plat while you're offline if your item sells.


What do you guys think?

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