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Toggle Sprint Drains Stamina While You Aren't Moving


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Specifically, if you have autorun/toggle sprint enabled and you are frozen in place, either by using an ability or being knocked down, you still consume stamina while holding a movement key.


This is particularly annoying for frames like Ember where you are frozen in place for a moment while using World on Fire as you move through a map, but it affects any frame with an animation lock of any noticeable length on their abilities.


Knockdown, of course, affects everyone. Losing an extra chunk of stamina because you kept pressing forward after getting knocked down by a Corpus door is a nice bit of insult to injury.


Anyway, annoying bug, quality of life issue.


Also not a bug, but it would be damn nice if there was a toggle to set whether autorun disabled when you fired your weapon or not. Currently it auto-disables when you fire, which is really annoying when you're trying to zip through a map. You can melee without disabling it, but you can't fire any primary or secondary weapons.


And related, some sort of minor onscreen visual indicator that it is toggled on or off would be nice - a tiny mark near the crosshair or similar - I know I've plunged off a cliff or two because I thought I would slide jump and instead duckwalked into a hole.

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I want to add to this. If you jump and hold the movement key with auto-run on, it'll continue to drain stamina. It'd be good if that was fixed as well.

Even without auto-run on, if you hold the sprint key while moving through the air it drains stamina, but it doesn't if you release the sprint key.

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