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Yea, I think expanding the tutorial is pretty important since you're kinda STUCK with your warframe FOREVER. Sure, you might think this is a good way to encourage people to go buy more warframes but I think it's more important to make sure they have a good time with their first warframe rather than make the experience frustrating. I went to youtube to check out different gameplay elements of the frames but I think this should be in-game.

Also, I think a brief overview of the mission types and objectives during the tutorial would help. Right now the tutorial basically says: "This point on your map is the objective. Go to it. Okay, bye!" A good tutorial would at least mention hacking doors and how you progress through the levels (though it's not hard to figure out).

That said, the presentation of the tutorial was kick-&#!. Just not very informative. At all.

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I would like to add to the improvment list on the tutorial. I have now gotten lost playing the tutorial. Ran off into the white fog and how can't find my way back to starting circle.

I would strongly suggesting adding an objective marker because, like me, some utter moron is going to go running off into fog and get stuck there.

Enjoying the Free Beta weekend so far... as soon as I get unstuck from white fog land.


- Clueless Newb

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Good that someone adress that topic (was thinking about starting something similar). :3

The different abilitys of the starting frames are a good reason for that "try out the other starting frames" option.

First you can see wich one suits you better, and what abillities await you (in case you egt all 4 unlocked at the training) if you choose one of them, and second you can test them in a safe area.

But i think we should include something more to the "Tutorial improvement" besides of entire start-warframe and abillitie testing.

Movement training would be nice aswell, i speak of things like: how to climb, how to slide ,how to roll and what kind of melee attacks you can do while you do that moves. Also atleast the basics for wallrunning/jumping would be really helpfull.

For that movement training they could build a big white and blank room with different walls,crates and so on.

It could look like a parkour with different stations for different moves, at every station Lotus gives you instructions and a semi-transparent npc phantom (looks like your warframe) can show that move infront of you until you go into that stage and try it yourself.

And last but not least i would suggest to implament a permanent training room, a places were you can train combat and moves try out weapon/frame and mod combos in an controlled enviroment (could be in one of the orokin towers maybe), wich you can reach through the solar system map.

It could be place in the options menu, an extra button beside the arsenal, market and co. or even a real marker like the normal missions have (maybe around mercury there are the last remaining orokin towers).

well that are some of my thoughts on the topic, i hope it helped a bit and im curious with what others maybe come up with.

Best regards ;3

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The Matrix tutorial needs to adress the basic aspects of the game.

- Frame's powers. Three starter frames should be available for testing.

- Basic and advanced movement - Lots of new players in the open beta weekend basically have no clue about wallrunning.

- Level and rank different.


However, I understand that the white fog land is a placeholder, looking forward to changes.

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I agree completely, felt like I had to make an entirely new account just to see what Volt was like.

Also I'm with Brasten, the white fog is cool and all but it's way too easy to get lost. I had to run after a rogue grineer during one of the kill target portions and it took me 30 minutes to blunder back into the circle to continue the tutorial.

I know several people that would uninstall the game without completing the tutorial because they would get lost, this type of situation needs to be prevented.

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My ultimate solution to "getting lost" was to quite the game during the tutorial and then relaunch... which started the tutorial over from scratch. The tutorial for a game like this is a make or break selling point. It needs to be done right or people who aren't die hard enthusiasts are going to quite before the even hit the first actual level.

A movement section of the tutorial would be key. Things like:

• Box Climbing

• Vertical Wall Climb with Back Flip (I had to guide a few other new people in how to do it)

• Wall Running

I would actually suggest that during the development process, if you add a new movement mode type, include a bit of it in an updated tutorial. That way you gradually build a tutorial level with all the key parts.

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