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Neogaf (Trophy Winner Storm Clan) Is Recruiting!


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Hello fellow Tenno!


NeoGAF is one of the oldest clans, it was created back when Warframe launched on the PS4. It's been 9 months later and we're still here kicking @$$ with a great communnity. We successfully completed both clan events, winning trophies in both competitions so far.


We have a lot of experienced players and we're looking for both newcomer and veteran players looking to carve a name for themselves in Warframe.



What we offer to you:


a) Fully upgraded dojo with all research complete. The dojo is also well organized, everything is easy to find.

b) A communnity of helping, experienced players.

c) Storm clan size: big enough that there's always people to play with, but not so big that the clan becomes a bunch of faceless people.


What we want from you:


a) We are an international communnity, but English is our lingua franca so you should be able to read and write in English.

b) Any timezone, but many of our members are American so that's our most busy time.

c) Willing to participate in clan life, engage our communnity and participate in the clan competitions. We've got two trophies so far and we're going for three!

d) Be 18 years or older.





NeoGAF? What is that?


It's a gaming forum from which our original members came from.


Do I have to be a member to join?


No, it's not a requirement.


Do I need to use a mic and engage in voice chat?


It's not required, but you will enjoy the game more if you do


Clan competitions? How often do they happen? 


Digital Extremes has had two so far and one will be soonish, so every three months or so.


Casual? Hardcore? Am I required to rank every week or something like that?


We have a mix of both types of players and we do not impose mandatory goals, you are free to enjoy Warframe at your leisure.


Just how awesome is your dojo?


So awesome.



If you are interested, please reply in this thread or PSN message myself BitmapFrogs or Das_Mookid. Thank you and see you in-game!

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