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Suggestion : Stalker G3 Harvester 2.0


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Many players experienced or experiencing so many grinds for farming Brakk, Detron and Hate, Dispair.


They are seriously disappointed because they are not appearing days over weeks


And Low drop rate is making things worse.


This is not talking about plus, this is multiply.


(Low rate of encounter) x (Low rate of drop) = Even more worse.


Quick, We have to do too many grinds for get Brakk and Detron and Hate, Dispair.





We need to change their appearing mechanism for resolve the dispair.


Someone Tenno got mail, the mail's purpose will be realize.


But when? I've got many mail from Vey Hek. but G3 is not appearing for 3 Weeks.


We need to have better rate of appearing of stalker type enemy.





We have to change mechanism of lettering progress.


First, Letter of warning.


Second, Squad or hunter appears.


End, Letter of threat resolved.


If tenno want to hunted by them, Letter of resolve is very good notification.


We need to know stalker type enemy's threat status.

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You are missing the point, they are the Hunters and you are their Prey (which means that they have been designed to get you aback, and of course they are not supposed to be farmed)

Then they are not doing their jobs. Have not see them in months since their little warning. Stalker is the only one that ever shows up for anyone I see.


They should be fired and replaced with ones that don't sit on their asses all day. Ones that are not lazy.

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