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Clan Tech Resources Are Dumb.


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There are three ways to get clan tech resources


1-Build them with your overwelming supply of ampules and samples. Which takes too long. Plus you have to rebuy the blueprint which is a pain in the arse no matter how you look at it. 


2- Play invasions five times in a row, which isn't fun. Want something that costs ten resources with this method? The same mission fifteen times. Fun? Thought not. Oh and this doesn't seem to work with mutagen masses. 


3- play the same mission three times in a row. At least this time the gamemodes are different; But is that a good thing? Getting a spy mission rather than an exterminate? That's fine. Getting a long mission like survival or defence? Hek no. 




Conclusions/amendments that'd be just wonderful 



-Blueprint should be reusable 

- Need significantly faster build times. Like less than an hour times. Alternatively; resources are built in clusters. 

-  The cost of samples/ampules can go up. We can't just have nice things, can we? No realy; I wouldn't mind. I've got far too many that I clearly won't use. 



Rewards should be given according to how many times you've played.  Two victories? A fieldron. Four victories? Three fieldrons. six vixtories? Five fieldron. 


Infinite gamemodes. Work on a per-wave reward. Like every ten waves the player gets a mutagen mass. Twenty waves? Second mutagen mass. 


If you earn too many injectors/masses/fieldron from one invasion you then start getting other resources instead. 

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I agree that the build cost should go up and the BPs should be reusable.




You should not be able to farm a ton of the stuff in missions. They are suppose to be hard to get because the clan tech is suppose to be a tier above and harder to obtain.


Being able to farm up Mut Mass in an hour is ridiculous.

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or it would be cool if you could just use plat to rush clan tech research like dojo rooms :3


But the whole point in having clan tech anyway IS because the game is free to play, so the devs gave you a trade off. You could A. buy the weapon with plat(RW money) OR B. get the weapon completely free and only have to pay time for it, thats the trade off, If this game wasnt free to play then yes, clan tech weapons and wait times would be completely unreasonable, But since this game is F2P the Devs have to make money some how, they dont have to give you the weapons for free anyway. They are being kind and giving you the ability to get free content without paying, thus not making any money to keep the game going. 


Edit: lol misread the title, I thought it said research XD My point still stands though.

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