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Defense Reward Scaling



I've been noticing how many people tend to leave defense missions at wave five. I noticed in another thread (I can't remember the name at the moment) people were mentioning how missions like Sechura; Pluto were already Tier 3 and any more fighting was a waste of time because of the ridiculous high credit pay. So my question is, "How do Rewards scale throughout the missions? Is it by enemy levels? If so, what levels are linked to the separate Tiers of rewards? How do the rewards scale upwards through the level?

Thank you.

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Thank you, that helps tremendously. However, (I should have been more clear about this) is there anywhere that shows what levels correspond directly to the Tier?

EX. Level 30> is Tier 3

EX. Level 20>30 is Tier 2

EX. Level 1>20 is Tier 1.

I have no idea if these are correct. I'm only showing them to help clarify what I have in my mind.


Edit: In the Wikia it shows the Tiers of each of the different defense nodes throughout the system. I guess my final question is, Is there even a Tier system in Dark Sectors?, and if so, Which are what Tier?

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The tiers are as follows:

Wave 5 - Tier 1

Wave 10 - Tier 2

Wave 15 and up - Tier 3


The tiers aren't linked to frame, enemy, nor mission levels, only how long you stay in the mission. This applies to every defense mission. Though according to the wiki, the mid level missions will start at Tier 2 (wave 5 = Tier 2, wave 10+ = Tier 3) and the high level missions (Pluto) will start at Tier 3 (wave 5+ = Tier 3).


Some missions such as Sechura are mainly used for credit farming or quick levelling in the first 5 waves, so that's why a lot of people leave after wave 5.

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