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Melee Combos Not Displaying (Rebound Key)


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I have my melee key rebound to Mouse 5 for convenience. Unfortunately, the UI does not accommodate mouse buttons in the combo menu, so I have to rebind my keys just to view combos and then switch back for gameplay.




I hope this helps.


As a side note, there are many, many bugs (not just UI) that I encounter while running missions that I don't take the time to report simply because it is inconvenient. If there were an in-mission way of taking a screenshot, saving the logfile, and writing a short report it would greatly reduce the inconvenience.


As always, thank you for your time.

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I am aware of various ways around the problem, but I reported it because it is a bug. Thank you for trying to help though, I appreciate the effort to help a fellow tenno.


Edit: and they still haven't fixed it, odd.

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