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I guess i'm a bit late but now that i'm here...


When Phobos was introduced i was happy about it but when i realized that is practically the same as the rest...


Example: I wanted to play a defense mission hoping that it would take place outside, with those flags in the wind, the beautiful martian like scenary and the propaganda/talking things in the air...


Well...NO, it dropped me on the map in place like that (without the flying things tho) BUT theeeen, the waypoint for the cryopod was in a room almost isolated with the same props as on the other planets, (i know they all look the same i didn't expected new props) looking exactly the same as the rest...


My proposal is, why not make levels which use the planet's scenary/landscape (not only Phobos)?

That would give more variety, corridor shooter inside ships/bases missions & outside/landscape missions.


To end this, short, add missions with mass effect 3, planetside 2, RAGE type landscapes, with trenches with the closer planets visible in the sky, at night with rain etc etc


It's a sci-fi game, there are no limits, so there's plenty room to "move" around.





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It'd be nice to see the tilesets that only have one Defense mission layout expanded upon. I enjoy the variety and touch of uncertainty when doing the Corprus Outpost defense since they have 3 different and distinct maps, as well as varying layouts on those maps. Whereas every other tileset has only 1 map and no variation in layouts. Seems to be a bit of disparity for a favorite mission type.


I loathe the Earth defense map in particular. But I think I would appreciate it more if it wasn't the only defense mission available for that planet.

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