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Shockwave Moa Farm? Answer: Olympus, Mars (Wave 9-20)



Hey I've been searching the interwebs and trying out a bunch of suggested missions, but I have yet to see a mission that spawns more than 1 MOA within 20 waves/minutes.


Anyone know an up-to-date location for farming Shockwave MOAs for Pointed Wind?


EDIT: I've found Olympus on Mars is really good from waves ~9-20.

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I have both the daggers stance mods and never used trasmutation (I don't even know how it works haha). 


However, consider that I farm a lot (and while farming, levelling up gears). If I'm not wrong, the most common MOAs of low level Corpus missions are the normal ones. Shockwaves're more common on medium-level missions (15-25). I repeat, if I'm NOT wrong. I can't remember very well. 

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