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Earth Is The Same? :d


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So I was reading this article about the UI (I recommend it)

And I saw this picture


And Warframe takes place, at the least hundreds of years in the future, probably several thousand.

It's very vague how far exactly, but it's way more than Halo or Star Trek or Mass Effect.


And yet the topology of the earth is the same? :D

No continental plate shift, no rising sea levels, no coastline erosion? :P

Besides isn't Earth supposed to be mostly a giant jungle now?

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well the continents have been moving since they broke up and as going to meet up again this time on the opposite sides meeting but seeing as that took hundreds of thousands of years im pretty sure 1000ish years into the future is going to change the look to much. How ever the color of the earth is off, even now earth doesnt look that bright of blue and green we got  browns taking about 1/2 the land masses which the green is the same fade as it and the sea is a really dark blue and seeing that it just about completely terraformed, over taking a mass mount of tech it would make sense that it would be less blue more green and spots of gray where you can see large cities that fell and were over taken by plants

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I think this picture is just a concept thing, however, this thing is still interesting.


However, DE maybe just imagined a much more beautiful future for Earth. No global warming, etc. But we can't forget those Orokin sorcerers as well.

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