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Mutalist Quanta Suggestion


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     Mostly related to the alt fire. I think it would be an improvement if instead of just launching a second orb when we hit the alt fire, if it instead detonated the one we already have out.

     As it is now, you will more than likely not hit anything with the explosion from the orb since it takes far too long to explode. give the explosion a 100% chance to proc and have it deal radiation 500-1,000 damage that scales with mods. If you want to keep the ability to have two orbs out at once, it could be made to where you have to aim at an orb to detonate it and shooting elsewhere will make a second one like it is now.

     This will give the alt fire purpose and make it worth all the resources it takes to build it. The secondary fire will become a bigger part of the gun with the regular shooting playing a smaller roll.






Also, get rid of the random second handle on the top of the gun, I don't even know why that thing is there.

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