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Loki Prime Access And Venka


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So I got Teleport Prime Access. I played a game once and use one of my revives. I don't remember if I already had 4 revives from the start or was it 0. After I used one of my revives, my friend and I completed a Void run. Then I went to check my Arsenal and noticed that my Loki Prime is at -1/4 with it's revives. I submitted a support ticket to notify them about it. They said they are aware of it. Just wanted to make sure that any of you guy got this problem before. See the image here: 




Note: I report this to the DE like 5 days ago I believe. Can't remember.


As for the Venka, when 13.9.0 was released, my friend and I brought the Venka from the Market. We started to get the new stance that was for it, "Malicious Raptor". Once my friend and I started a mission and switched to our Venka, we both noticed that it was saying "<level/unranked> Venka Malicious Raptor" but both of us don't have the mod or even have it equipped. Could this be a bug? Has anyone noticed this as well? And I am not sure if it's fixed since after since I already got the mod and equipped it to my Venka. See the Image here:




Note: This was right after Venka was released.

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