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Added Melee Channel Effect? (Only As Host :/ )


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So they seemed to put in a special channel effect on the place where the bright light (core) is, and i only just noticed. I do not remember reading about it in a patch note, so i have no idea when it was added and for how long it has been in the game now.


Why did i not notice?

1. i do not channel as much on regular runs.

2. melee colors on the core and now this effect are still only seen by hosts.

Even when host you still need to take a look while channeling and on this. And its not even the color, the entire effect is just not there as client.


Why is 2 even a issue? Is it so hard to show those things on your client? Even after all the time passed since channeling came out? Nova her new M-prime had the same problem. But that one was fixed soon after.


Don't get me wrong about the effect though, it looks great. It is just so irritating that you need to be a host to see effects properly on your own warframe that should be completely rendered on your own machine.


Does not look as great in a screen because it moves a lot in game:



BTW: does anyone know since when this is actually in the game?

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